Finding and establishing an equilibrium in our often disrupted living systems requires attentiveness, care and empathic awareness, as well as thorough research with actionable results. How can we help the planet, our home, maintain homeostasis? What does balance look like, how dynamic is it, and how do we, as individuals and diverse communities, relate with it?

We approach this challenge by investigating living systems of various sizes — cities, neighbourhoods, houses – as they can function as blueprints to interact and operate at scale. Coming from the fields of architecture, urban design, real estate and finance we analyse urban and non-urban living environments, and identify their potentials.
Collaboratively, we develop proposals for equitable, resilient living. Academic research, integrative design thinking, modes of participation & co-ownership in real estate development, and advanced timber construction work are cornerstones of our practice.

Our purpose is to develop models for human habitation that respect the planet’s boundaries, serve the common good, sustain life at scale, and nourish the future.

We make our research and findings available, freely and publicly, on living.systems

“If we do not learn, we do not adapt. If we do not adapt, we do not survive.”
– Stafford Beer