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Offer for
Identity Development

Identity Development is by definition not a one-off project, but an ongoing process. This offer is about the very first phase of this process, which we could call birth. Our birth-package comes with a name, a logo, a profile text and some conceptual cornerstones for the new Identity.

Neo-Metabolism’s standard rate is 100€ per hour,  per person. The project gets a 50% discount because we like it and we’re friends. The project team is Georgia Kareola (narrative, 13.33hrs), Carsten Goertz (strategy, 13.33hrs) and Clint Soren (design, 13.33hrs).

Birth (40hrs)2000 €
June 15th (conception) June 26 (delivery) 

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June 15th, 4pm CET

Identity Conception 

2hrs session
with Leo, Lucas, Martin,
Georgia, Carsten and Clint


10 days of labor begin
(Georgia, Carsten, Clint)


2000 €


Net15 payment terms apply, meaning:
you can pay us in the week after the final delivery, or earlier if you like


June 25th


Delivery of the Identity Kit, including
name, logo, profile text and a simple website


June 26th

Identity Review

2hrs session
with Leo, Lucas, Martin,
Georgia, Carsten and Clint


one round of amends
(optional, same-day delivery)

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Neo-Metabolism approaches every relationship as a long-term relationship. Birth can be followed by childhood, adolescence, adulthood, seniority, or death (but also rebirth). We’re here to support at any moment of the ongoing transition.