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Welcome to the Sensitive Stream.
This is a space to connect with sensitive riverdwelling species.

(please choose a sensory track to proceed) 

This stream invites you to dive into a watery media poetics. Your guides are two organisms, Caddisfly Larvae and Sludge Worm. Both are integral to understanding river health; both are vibrant actors that expand human centered views of the world.

The stream shifts modes of address as part of its play with subjectivity. It destabilizes perspectives and seeks to amplify the difficulty of translation and knowledge between water organisms and humans.

Scroll down for each stage of the dive and linger on chapters. Sound, image and text will mix. Swim and come up for air when you need to.

(Part 1)
The Caddis Fly

hide between
stones and stems

where water runs
fresh and clear

build a refuge
of bark and leaves

make yourself
your surroundings

your surroundings

a portable shelter
camouflage cocoon

The river is my breath, water my air
I breathe its compositions

I sense and signal
biological and physical
chemical interactions

modified water
engineered and impounded

oxygen depletes
slows flow

heat and light
accelerate growth
decaying algae
stifles the river bed

trees along banks
leaves in the water
essential food webs
for hungry mouths

I clean the river
reduce excess
plant growth
and debris

watery bodies
sustain me

I am sensitive